It’s that week — the one where you are desperately trying to focus on some work task, but all you can really think about is that you need to leave to go by the game store to get the last thing to put in the package that you should have mailed last week.

I spent the weekend knitting a hat. Its a lovely hat, and it will be very very warm, but I’m now regretting that I didn’t get outside.

Also, I may have eaten a few too many cookies.

Ho hum. I keep getting sporadic messages from the girls. They’re not getting much sleep. And my niece is engaged. Worried about that one, too.

Okay — planning to leave early to worry about wreaths and lighting, so need to get a few things done here . . .


2 thoughts on “Errands

  1. It’s that week with a vengeance. Sigh. I am almost done, I think, and I managed to start writing out cards this morning, but I am still feeling like I am suffering from barely-controlled panic.

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