I’m taking a personal business day to attend to some personal business. I’m making a list. Do you want to see it? I thought not.

I have to say, though, that just making the list made me feel better. It’s not so awful.

And I put the two remaining cookies from the cookie exchange party we went to on a Christmas plate, so decorating really has commenced.

And I have to write cards — that goes on the list.

It’s dark here, and foggy, and I did not go for a walk last weekend and I can feel my hamstrings tightening and the rest of me growing larger by the second. This is a lesson. I should put “walk” on the list, except it’s reached the bottom of the piece of paper. There, I squished it in.

I’m not going to tell you about the friends who are coming to dinner next week who between them can’t eat anything. Fish is okay. No gluten, soy or egg yolks. I guess that’s not so hard — we’ll have salmon, assuming there is any, potatoes or rice, a vegetable of some sort. It will just all be quite plain, but that’s okay. I guess I could make meringues, but what if a tiny bit of egg yolk slips in? Maybe just fruit. It will be very healthy.

All right. Time to get busy.


4 thoughts on “lists

  1. Making a list does help. Unless it’s way too long. My list today only includes two musts:
    1. must get crickets and mealworms so the anoles don’t perish
    2. get Dusty to the school on time for her chorus performance

    Hopefully these will happen as expected.

    You are a good person to accomodate the dietary requirements of your friends. I was invited to a BBQ lunch at work which I had to decline.

    • This is not a bad list at all! I didn’t tell you they also keep kosher (although apparently not that kosher, since they’re fine with eating something I’m cooking in my not-kosher kitchen.) Anyway — it looks like as long as I stick with fish I’m okay. Anything else gets complicated.

  2. I once had a dinner guest who had so many dietary requirements that she posted an A4 list through my door with all the forbidden foods and some acceptable alternatives. I based the entire meal around this very restrictive list and then she rang (late) on the day to cancel saying she had been invited somewhere else.

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