I bought everything needed for everything that needed to be mailed. I wrapped it. I mailed it. One thing, a rather large thing, was going to cost $100 to box and mail at the package store, so I brought if home and fit it in a box that had come from somewhere else and was full of packing peanuts and I took it to the post office and shipped it for $15. It was heroic. I am in love with that machine at the post office that mails everything. The mail ladies love it, too, because it makes the rest of the lines actually manageable. I can barely contain myself, though, if someone else is using it when I get there. I’m an expert and can get through it in about 3 minutes. It kills me to sit there while people consider, for a long time, whether their box is an official post office box or not. I understand — they think it matters, but in that case, it doesn’t. I already know which answers are likely to slow you down.

Perhaps I could be a consultant.

In addition, I got more of the yarn I need for M’s hat. I bought shortbread for the office party and I got a frozen lasagna from the Italian deli in case of emergency. I bought garland for the stairs and mantel and a wreath and I came home and put them up, plus the mistletoe I found in the woods two weeks ago. Plus, I bought coffee and groceries.

It was totally exhausting, and how would I have gotten through all that had I not taken the day off?

So now — I still have to clean the house, and then I have to bring the Christmas decorations down from the attic. I can put a few lights up, but I realized I need either K or M to help me with the lights on the porch because they’re the tall ones. I have stuff to wrap, but there’s no hurry on that. We’re getting close.

And there’s supposed to be a huge storm on Friday and continuing through the next week, which is going to make getting the kids home a little scary and is going to make it hard for us to get up to the mountains. Maybe we’ll just stay home and go up later. We’ll pretend that our house is a cabin and that the pouring rain is snow and we’ll sit around and drink hot chocolate.

I can totally manage that . . .


6 thoughts on “Festivity

  1. A machine that mails everything? What is this machine that you speak of? It sounds wonderful. I guess they’ll reach the South in 10 years, huh?

    All of that sounds very exhausting. Don’t you wish you had a personal assistant? They would either go to work for you so that you could run errands or they’d do the errands while you were at work. Which ever you chose.

    • I do — I wish I had a clone, actually, so that no one would know. I’m sure the slight glassy-eyed vague look would not give me away, since I think I’ve already got that down.

      Do you not have those machines? They weight your package, you tell them the zipcode and the dimensions and they tell you how much. You pay with a credit card. They are amazing. They also sell stamps, but I like them less than the vending machines because you can’t see what you’re getting. If you don’t care, though, it’s fine.

  2. We don’t. In fact, they recently removed all the vending machines so now when the counter’s closed for lunch, you can’t even buy a damn stamp! Podunk operations.

  3. Oh no. And you actually mail packages regularly! I would never mail anything if we didn’t have this machine. You need to find a new post office.

  4. I don’t know of any p.o.s around here that have such a thing. The p.o. I frequent is across the street from my office so it’s the main one I use. There are two others out in the country but they are often closed for reasons no mortal can ascertain. And, no vending conveniences either.

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