Black thoughts

Last night I dreamed that N did not drive down south to pick up her winter clothes and she arrived home without her ski jacket.

Why am I dreaming about this?

A colleague dreamed that her son was very upset that she is not putting up a tree this year. Her son is 27, and he really doesn’t care, apparently.

That’s about it.

Although I am also worrying about that poor kid who gave the secrets to the wikileaks people and is now in some awful jail. I guess that’s how the rule of law works — you agree to live in a society, and with it comes the risk that you will do something that will cause you to locked up in solitary confinement without sheets or pillows. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been reading that book by Anna Politkovskaya, but it seems like the social contract is on very thin ice. Maybe it always has been. Or maybe it was this article in the local paper which details that we really still do live in a segregated society, with all that that implies.


Maybe I will feel better after lunch.


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