Turn of the Year

So —

N and M arrived, and in short order we bundled up and drove up to the Sierras, where we stayed in a tiny cabin and read, watched movies, baked cookies. We skied, both cross country and downhill. It was beautiful. The snow was absolutely beautiful.

We came back on Christmas Eve, arriving just in time for some last minute Christmas shopping. We had Christmas, and now it’s nearly over. N leaves in two days for Spain for a week before she goes back to school. M is here for another two weeks.

I’ve had an awful cold, really since before Christmas. It’s the kind of cold where you can’t hear or smell, so you feel sort of all alone on a vast desert.

And the dinner with the picky eaters — it was great! Joe is an old friend from college. Suddenly we are all middle aged with grown children. His children are really nice, actually — our children even liked them, which is never the case. And they were so pleased that we had cooked for them — apparently no one else will. So, I felt virtuous and good, and in addition it was actually fun.

Anyway. I am going to go try to raise the children from their tiny beds and get them to go on a walk with me, although I’m actually not sure I can walk, enfeebled as I am.

Also, those kids have gotten older. They’re nearly grown-ups, actually. It’s nice — M is more independent. N got her to eat Thai food. It’s nice.

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