Smog test

It passed! This is a miracle. For many years our car had some kind of tiny leak in the gas tank — big enough only for fumes, I think — and so we’d have to go to the garage and get them to clear the computer that knew about the gas leak and then take it for a drive long enough for the computer to forget that it had been cleared but not long enough for it to remember the tiny gas leak and then, at that magic moment, get the emissions checked in order to reregister the car.

I should note that we did actually try to actually fix the problem — I care about the environment as much as the next person — but it was essentially too tiny to be found and fixed. But miraculously, somehow, it seems to have fixed itself over the past year, so I didn’t even have to go through the take-the-car-to-the-garage step.

Our smog test guy wished me a happy new year and said he hoped this year would be better than last. Last year, he informed me as he guided me around his crowded driveway, he was driving cars in Egypt. I wonder what it’s like to drive cars in Egypt. Difficult, I guess. But it does sound interesting.

And M and I did go for a hike yesterday. I’d given my camera to N, who left hers in Maine, so I have no documentation. We hiked the Mount Wittenberg Loop listed here, and we did pretty much see that view, although not the elk. We plan to see those on our next hike.

I’ll keep you posted . . .


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