More and more

I am liking that Red Fuji print, and don’t want it to go away, so I’m sticking in another favorite, apropos of nothing. (Go see the series, 100 Views of Edo, here.)

Kinryuzan Temple at Asakusa, Hiroshige

There isn’t much going on. I am feeling preemptively sad about M leaving, although we have her for today and tomorrow.


We have nearly finished the jigsaw puzzle of the map of Canada, although I think I am more interested in it than she is. I’m actually really interested in it. The towns have funny names, like Resolute and Resolve Bay, and if a piece has a bit of a river and the name is in French, you know it’s in Quebec. I’ve filled in the whole Arctic Circle, and there’s an island that appears to belong to Denmark  right next to a piece of Canada — Ellesmere Island, I think (the Canadian part, I mean). And isn’t that a pretty name? [Um. I just realized that the Danish bit is Greenland. Oh. Much closer to Canada than I thought, but perhaps it’s a perspective thing.]

So — I think M is planning to go into the city today. I hope she does. It appears to depend on a slow-moving friend. I tend to lose patience with slow-moving friends, but then I have to remember that M is probably just as happy lounging around the house, and that if she really did want to go and could not get the friend to speed up, she would probably just go on her own.

I’m reading an interesting book, Molotov’s Magic Lantern, by Rachel Polonsky. I haven’t got far, but so far it’s an explanation of how Moscow as a city grew up, from “a feudal city of noble estates, ancient monasteries, churches and Eastern-style bazaars into a European-style capitalist metropolis.” Here’s another review. (There are lots online) The common wisdom seems to be that the prose is rather purple and it’s kind of scattered, but interesting just the same. From the few pages I’ve read, I’d agree.

So that’s what’s new around here . . .


2 thoughts on “More and more

  1. Your mention of the Canada jigsaw puzzle made me jump up and down with excitement at the prospect of a UK jigsaw puzzle that I could purchase and put together with my firstborn.

    Tell me, why is it that every visit to your blog lately sends me off to Amazon to have my hopes dashed because what I want is out of stock? Cruel.

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