I think because I had an early meeting on Monday, it now feels like it must be at least Wednesday, if not Thursday.


Here you see the last remnants of Christmas on the windowsill.

While outside,


it’s starting


to be



Shocking, I know. It’s been -12 in Maine, it’s snowing at my mother’s house, and M reports that while it’s not actually snowing in Ohio, there’s plenty on the ground.

The thing is, I’d sort of like another month at least of winter. I want to go skiing again. I don’t really want to start digging in the garden again yet. I’d kind of like a little more time to be stuck inside.

I know — easy to say when it’s 60 degrees and sunny out. But you would see what I mean if you lived here — spring loses a lot of its punch when it comes in January. There’s a lot of pleasure in anticipation, and it’s a little hard to anticipate spring at New Year’s.

Okay. I’ll shut up now.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Spring is starting to peek out here as well. There are green blades of grass poking up through the winter-dull cover, my Mexican heather is blooming and some unidentified pink flowers are coming up in the backyard. Also, I am noticing a lot of migrating birds coming through – the surest sign that winter is on its way out the door.

  2. I am not ready to hear about y’all’s spring yet. I would gladly trade you even though I do understand wanting to delay the labor. That said, I have a fence to reconstruct and much to buy and prepare in the garden itself before I can begin planting. Since a wall of the fence is down, the animals have been having a party in my beds. The cover crop I planted is being rooted around in. I just hope something’s looking for food and not pooping in it. Those are the kind of surprises I like to encounter in the spring. But, if you want more winter, let’s trade houses until mid-March.

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