I got to work late this morning because I was skyping with a colleague who is now living in London. How fun — although I really really miss her.

I showed her my new slippers. I was finally driven to order a new pair of slippers. My old ones were worn through. The ones I got for Christmas were just not comfy enough. I tried to steal K’s, and which point he started wearing them. Hmmph. Finally, I hard to order four pair from zappos in order to find one pair that I really liked.

Aren’t they beautiful? (Okay, they re not, but they are comfortable.)

What else. Work is kind of nuts. People are freaking out because a) it’s their birthday or b) we are moving, and we all know that people don’t like change very much or c) No reason in particular.

I am confident it will all sort itself out.


I certainly hope so, because from what I hear we’re all going to have to work until we’re 67, now. Good times.


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