Nothing to see here

I’ve just come from Harriet’s blog. This is what she says: “I can tell February is approaching, because I feel like nothing is happening. Nothing worth writing about, anyway. And yet, here I sit.” Accurate, I think, and yet . . .


there seem to be all kinds of things I want to babble on and on about. My slippers. The structure of my original family. The cake I made last night. The plum tree (which is really blooming now). The sad fact that I am missing yet another snowstorm I would like to suffer through.


Yesterday morning, after many technical difficulties, I skyped my friend A, who is living in London now. I really miss her. You forget how nice it is to actually talk to a person you know and who knows you. A person you like, that is.


All day long yesterday I had a better day because I had been able to show my new hideous slippers to A.


Okay, then, move along, then. Nothing to see here.


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