• Message from M the other day saying she had learned one or two things about snow. 1. After it snows (and ices), the street may be slippery. 2. After another day or so, and more snow and ice, even the top of the snow may be slippery. Apparently she now has a collection of large bruises.
  • Although I told Jeanne that I was too much like Patty (in Freedom) to be annoyed by her, I have read a little further and wish to clarify that there are a few ways in which I am not like her at all. We talked about the book last night at my book group and it was one of the most interesting discussions we’ve ever had. Every one else disliked it a lot. I really like it — although I’m not done. I like it because it discusses issues that interest me, namely — what’s a good life and how do we live it? Is it better to work or to stay home with your kids? Relationships, generally, between parents and children. Everyone else, apparently, really hated the cerulean warbler, which I haven’t gotten to. I sort of like the book because if you think about it, it sort of discusses issues that are usually discussed by people like Maeve Binchy, or Rosamund Pilcher, but it does so in a really different way. This interests me. A said, it’s about all kinds of things that I should be interested in, and yet I really did not like it, and why is that? So — interesting. More later as I read further.
  • We just had a staff meeting. Occasionally we have these meeting in which opinions are asked and it’s possible I may offer mine, and it’s further possible that I shouldn’t have. Or maybe I should — I’m not sure. Anyway. Hmm.

6 thoughts on “Amaryllis

  1. That is a beautiful Amaryllis! Usually I don’t like them but that shade of orange is lovely. I haven’t read Freedom yet. Maybe I should.

  2. Glad M just has bruises. The skating rink paths were pretty brutal last week and I witnessed many a fall. One of our library staff broke his arm, though he is the only major casualty of which I’m aware. Me, I was doing the octogenarian shuffle. But so far this week things are better.

    • Oh no!
      No — it was all reported to me as sort of interesting things she had learned — so apparently not too traumatic. Be careful!

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