remnants of a walk


It was like a magical walk last weekend.


We saw a burrowing owl,


an american kestral


elk, as well as an osprey, an eagle-like thing, a woodpecker, seals, an interesting sparrow, western bluebirds, iris, ravens, a hawk of some sort,


and an early poppy. But there were also signs remaining from the people who used to live out there, including


calla lilies where no calla lilies should be,


as well as this (I don’t know what they’re called),


and this amazing remnant of what might have been a living arbor.

It was lovely.

Where will we go next week? I’m already thinking about it.


9 thoughts on “remnants of a walk

  1. The flame coloured flowers are called Montbretia in the UK and grow all over the cliffs in Cornwall so I associate them with my childhood. Apparently, in America you call them Coppertips or Falling Stars which are lovely names.

  2. Good lord, you are shot in the arse with NAY-CHUR! A veritable cornucopia of it!!

    I myself am shot in the arse with snow. Got another dusting this morning. Can’t complain — it’s lovely, too.

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