M’s birthday

Yesterday was M’s birthday. She is 19. It feels odd to have her so far away — this is the first birthday ever that she hasn’t been home for. She apparently spent it writing a paper, something about anthropology and Mongolia and dancing.

Anyway. Here are some pictures of her.


I’m not sure why we took this one — it seems to have been for an occasion. It was taken over a year ago. (Maybe I can submit this as my self-portrait. It’s the other half of me, in more ways than one.)


Here’s another one, taken about a month later. It was for some kind of project at school.

Lucy in the cupboard

Here’s one from 4 years ago. We had just moved in and Lucy was exploring a cupboard.


And another taken for a student ID when she went to Italy, three years ago. I think she had tired of the photo-taking session.


A glamour shot with a large pelican,


looking at colleges,


going off to school one day last year and


playing cards two summers ago with my mother.

Happy Birthday, M!


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