That’s a picture from our hike last weekend. We went to an old fruit farm which backed on the hills. The hike went up into the hills, but there were lots of stray fruit trees here and there.


I’m not really sure if the strays are just escapees or if there really is a wild sort of plum that’s native to here.


It really did feel, once we’d climbed the steep steep hill, that we were in a faraway place unknown to other people. Like we were hobbits or something.


Here are the gates to Mordor — which is appropriate, because we saw two coyotes up there.

In any case, it’s been raining since Monday, which is a wonderful thing, actually. It’s cold again. We have a house guest, a bar mitzvah and a date for dim sum this weekend. I don’t know how I’ll get out to go walking, but I did clean the house. To be honest, we are still recovering from Christmas — but it is now safe to use the bathrooms.

Just in case you were thinking of stopping by.


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