In future


So much of life seems to be all about planning 6 months ahead, a year ahead, a year and a half ahead. Maybe that’s especially because we have children. I remember when they were small that as soon as I got back to work from Christmas vacation I had to begin plotting out the summer, which always seemed impossible. But it’s still that way. N will be in Hungary this spring and wants to go to Russia for the summer, which brings on all kinds of visa headaches (because how can you apply for a visa while you’re in Hungary? Maybe it’s possible.) And then N and M are planning an adventure in Ireland. Assuming that any of this is possible, I’ve drafted out a list of who is flying where when. The good thing is that we may have N home for a whole two weeks at the end of next summer — that would be nice.


M brought home Mark Doty’s Dog Years, which I’m enjoying a lot. That’s my mother’s dog, above. I’m beginning to want a dog, but how can I have one when I’m at work all day?

Hmmm. Another plan for the future. Meanwhile, M and I watch Victoria Stillwell in It’s Me or the Dog, and now we think we’re experts.

5 thoughts on “In future

  1. I always feel ridiculous when I am trying to plan summer camps/child care right after Christmas. I’m frustrated with all the various places that don’t have their summer plans nailed down yet. How can I plan the summer if they haven’t posted their dates yet? Sigh. Then I have to calm down and wait until spring when they’re all up and the frenzy begins. I hope this does die down eventually.

  2. I saw the most beautiful standard poodle at the vet’s today when I went in to pick up flea drops for my cats. I love dogs…at other peoples’ houses. We know we don’t have the time and patience to give a dog what it needs.

    • Walker (above) is half poodle, although you might not guess that to look at him. Oh, I really do want a dog! But I can’t have one — not home enough.

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