Museum cafe

P1000898, originally uploaded by SpruceSt.

I don’t know any of these people, and apologize to them for sticking them in my blog, but do you not see how odd that thing on the silverware table is? I felt you needed to see it in context. That is all.

Also, that orange card on the stick in front of it? Says something like “look, but don’t touch.” Which is a little disconcerting on a silverware table, and when you realize what it’s referring to you think, “as if!”



2 thoughts on “Museum cafe

    • Yes, it’s like an enchanted hula skirt come to rest in a strange place. And why the feathers at the top? Mystifying. Also, it makes you notice that the cafe, which had formerly thought to be sort of an elegant space, is really more like a basement than anything else. A basement where you might store a hideous lamp or something.

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