Walking in wet weather

Apparently, it has rained 20 of the last 26 days — something like that. So I realized that I was going to have to pretend that I live in the Pacific Northwest and just go outside anyway. I’m waterproof, after all.

Someone recommended that the shore was a good place to hike in the rain, so on Saturday I headed down to Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge to go for a hike in the mudflats.

It was pretty grim. A mud dike that goes all the way around a slough. I guess it used to be salt flats. I had just read The Hound of the Baskervilles, and I felt like a convict lost on the Grimpen Mire.

Strange colored water, waterbirds and industrial architecture:

That is a willet, considering the water.

The Canada geese seemed to like to settle down on the path. They would honk in alarm and fly away as I approached. I tried to tell them not to bother.

Sunday I went up to Bodega Head, where a friend was staying with her parents. Also wet, also the shore, but very different.

Rocks! and surf! and wildflowers!

Sea thrift, and baby blue eyes (I think) and buttercups. (We also saw cream cups!)

Poppies and very hairy lichen.

And after our hike, a soak in a hot tub. Long conversations, then home for pork chops and cheesecake with fresh strawberries and Dvorak’s American quartet on the radio. It was wonderful.

It can go ahead and rain the next 20 days if it wants–


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