House plans

I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I am possessed by a desire to remake our bedroom.

Our house is sort of the ranch house of the aughts — by which I mean, it was pretty ubiquitous in its day. I have seen our house in Fargo, N. Dakota (where my mother actually lived in it as a small child), in Pittsburgh, PA, and in Ontario, Canada. There are three of them in a row on our block, and we almost bought another twin in another part of town, but it was across the street from the grocery store parking lot, which seemed like it would be noisy. In any case, it’s two stories, rectangular, and longer than it is wide. You walk in the front door and on one side the stairway goes up. On the other, you’ve got a parlor, and behind that a parlor-dining room and behind that a kitchen and behind that maybe a mudroom / extra room. Up the stairs, you’ve got three bedrooms in a line, with the grand front room the width of the house, and out through the last one a porch, which has invariable been closed in to make another room, accessible only through that last bedroom. This porch has lots of windows.

The front bedroom is the largest, but we’re actually in the very back porch bedroom, with the little bedroom connected to it as K’s study. Here’s my idea — we knock out the back wall to make the back room and the porch room into one. We fix all the windows so they all open. We put a little bathroom into the corner where we’ve currently got the bed. The little bathroom has a lovely bathtub and lots of windows. Won’t that be great?

Yes, yes it will.

I was going to add a picture of the lilacs which are suddenly blooming in the backyard but I didn’t have time. Don’t be too jealous, though, because although our lilacs are blooming now, if you live anywhere cold your lilacs will be much much better. Ours don’t have a very strong scent, which is, after all, what lilacs are all about.

Also, we have no peonies at all.


4 thoughts on “House plans

  1. That is the same plan as many old houses in the city here. The one I grew up in is similar except the upstairs has two rooms at the front – a bedroom and a “sewing” room which used to be my sister’s bedroom. I had the bedroom at the back of the house with a balcony.

    I think your plan sounds good.

  2. I’m not jealous of your lilacs, but happy of the reminder that someday my own will bloom. We have two kinds of lilacs in our yard. The one old bush, a native, smells heavenly. The other four are some kind of Asian variety and they do smell nice, but not nearly as strongly.

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