I’m feeling glum lately, and I don’t really know why.

It might be spring, actually. I think spring tends to do this sometimes. April being the cruelest month and all.

Maybe it’s national affairs. I don’t like to talk about it, but I do upon occasion (like now) feel like I’ve somehow ended up in a country of bongo-heads. Actually, I’m quite sure that that does have me feeling sad.

M sent me the picture below, saying: “[here’s] a certain someone being very sensitive with some sunglasses that may look familiar.”

Russia Putin

Apparently this is what my sunglasses look like. Personally, I don’t believe it. (And why can’t he leave his shirt on?)

Actually, due to prices of airline tickets, etc., I have a few days in New England when I don’t actually have to be anywhere. Maybe I’ll just head out for the territories. Maybe a road trip would cheer me up. I’ll bring my boots.


5 thoughts on “Glum

  1. I know what you mean. The turn this country has taken (not that it all wasn’t there to begin with but it’s like the lid’s been taken off the simmering pot) makes me sad too.

    And, yeah, what is with men feeling the need to go shirtless all the time? PUT ON A SHIRT DIPWAD!

  2. I’ve been too busy organizing my own potential flame-out (an external review of what I do at M’s college) to be sad about the state of the country yet. When are you coming to visit?

    • I do like roadtrips. I’m thinking of spending a night camping at Acadia. In fact, once I thought of that possibility I starting feeling a lot better.

  3. I think that this country has pretty much been crap for a very long time. It’s just that we’re getting a clearer and clearer picture now of just how crappy. But we’re not alone (just ask Coffee Lady). I cling to the hope that when all things are revealed, everybody will get angry enough to force change.

    Meanwhile, LOL re: the shirtless dude in the sunglasses. And I understand your glumness; spring is always a tender season for me, even though it’s my favorite.

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