Vacation fever


Suddenly I have vacation fever. I want to go to Santa Fe and hike around, and guess what — we could actually do that!

See, this is the good thing about having kids in college. I only have to convince one person. (Although it’s possible that he’s actually the hardest to convince. But I think he likes Santa Fe.)

Anyway —

It is not raining today. Suddenly I am also filled with gardening fervor. I am possibly even filled with vacuuming fervor. I am sure this will all die down by the weekend, when I will succumb to the irresistible urge to lie on the couch and read books. Or it will rain. Or I will need to go on a hike.

I’ve been reading The Snoring Bird, by Bernd Heinrich. It’s the story of his father, a specialist in parasitic wasps, a German who grew up on an estate in Poland (West Prussia), a sort of scientist-outside-the-academy who ended up in western Maine, and then of his own life, as a kid abandoned for years in an orphanage while his parents were off collecting wasps. Almost by accident he goes to the University of Maine, then UCLA and becomes a biologist and writer and eventually comes to terms with his father.

I’m interested in how different the relationships between parents and children were, once upon a time. They have clearly changed, and for the better, I think, but I don’t exactly know why.

Interesting, though.


One thought on “Vacation fever

  1. I think things have changed partly because people have a choice about whether to have children or not, and can limit the number. Effective birth control is a miracle we don’t often stop to appreciate, but I maintain that I was in the first generation of women who were able to predict exactly when they would get pregnant–I stopped taking the pill for two months ahead of time and whammo!

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