A three-day weekend, and boy am I happy about that.

This is going to be the summer when I get everything together. For instance, I just had the clever idea that if I took all the useless plastic bags out of the drawer under the microwave (which I never use, but others do) I could store extra paper towels there.

See, things like that.

But I have things to plant and walks to take and people to hang around with, so I’m happy to have the time to do it.

In other news,

People are getting used to the new workspace. It’s oddly quiet. Very quiet. No one expected that. I think it’s because we’re underground. Maybe we need a tape playing city sounds quietly in the background.

M is looking for a job. This is a very painful process for her. I remember the horror myself, of wandering the streets and filling out applications for jobs, like waitressing! that I was sure I was completely unqualified for. We’ve identified some possibilities, though. And the thing is, when she actually submits applications and resumes, I think she’s not quite as hapless as she thinks she is. I mean, I think she actually talks to the people instead of just mutely handing them her resume and running.

Perhaps I am just being overly optimistic. In any event, it will be an experience, right?

Notes from far away


N is in Hungary. Her class has ended, but she’s stayed on to wait for her visa to go to Saint Petersburg to live in Soviet era block housing.

It’s kind of an adventure. She thought the invitation, which she needs to get the visa, would have come long ago, but in fact it just came, and it’s a bit of a gamble whether she’s actually going to get the visa in time to catch her plane.

Luckily, I bought the cancellation insurance.

So now the plan is that she’ll submit everything and then go out to the country to work on a farm for a few days.

Today, apparently, she spent the day writing a paper in the park.

As she said about some aspect of this, although it pretty clearly applies to all of it,

“yeah, it might be ok though
or at least it will be an experience”


So, no rapture. Although there was a small earthquake, and a vase was blown off the windowsill and into the sink.

Also, I’m really hungry, and also kind of tired.


Finally Friday


Just about to go home, but here is a picture of the new workspace now that we’re moved in.

Here’s another,


and another.


Are you ready for the rapture?

I think we’re going to gather with some friends in the backyard and smell the roses while our neighbors (you know who I mean) ascend.

We will be drinking coffee, at least, when the world ends.

Thank heaven for small mercies.

This is our ride


All right — it looks like we will all survive our new environment. One good thing is that, although we are underground, we are actually closer to the outdoors than we ever were before. It’s just upstairs.

Another good thing (although some people find this a bad thing) is that our office is on the thoroughfare to the kitchen, which means that people pass by all day long.

I like a bit of distraction now and then.

I brought in some roses, too, which might help.