For Jeanne


I’m not sure this picture shows as clearly as it could why Jeanne thought the state of Ohio was full of potheads.

Picture the leaf upside down, and pasted as a bumpersticker on a car.

Also, the Ohio buckeye seems to have pointier leaves. Click here, for example, to see one.

Okay — now I’m off. I’m busy today.

Back soon —

The view from here


This was the view this morning, coming back over the hill from the barn. We had an unusual rainstorm yesterday, and it’s even raining today a little, so there are lots of clouds.

Lots of things going on around here, if only in my head . . .



This was an accidental picture, but I sort of like it.

This summer has involved a lot of driving around in cars. M and I are driving out and back to the country many days a week. I ought to be taking her out way more often to practice driving, too, but by the time I get home — late, due to the other driving — I’m starving and the last thing I feel like doing is going out driving.

But we must.

This feels like a summer of old, actually, when camp coverage would be spotty and work would involve more showing up to look like I was present in bteween retrieving and depositing children than actual productive work. Or there was probably productive work, but there is no time for chatting — except everyone feels like chatting because it’s summer, after all.

I’m trying to enjoy it for what it is — it’s actually nice to spend time in a car with M. Time in a car is always good for conversation. And it’s really great to have her around. It’s a more than fair trade-off for the fractured days and lack of exercise — because driving means I’m not walking.

And there’s always impatience for the time when camp is out and work if over and summer really starts. And that’s coming, too.

And soon enough we’ll be back to a quiet house.

But let us not think about that . . .

*And because I’m actually driving the car again, I took it to the CARWASH!. It’s beautiful now.



M has a summer job at her barn. It’s four mornings a week. She has to give the horses their supplements, turn some horses out, clean pieces of tack or round-pen certain horses or brush them or — all kinds of stuff that I don’t even understand, really.

It’s great. I pick her up and she looks freckled and confident.

We had a bonfire last night. We’ve full into summer now. I love it.

We went to Monterey


Look at the cute little seals!


and the interesting rocks:


and the lovely dunes,


weird light,


tide pools,





and shore


We ate well, slept well, read, walked and kayaked around — close up to otters, seals, sea lions, sea stars and nesting cormorants. Right over the kelp forest, actually.

It was great.




We’re off!

I’m about to go pick M up from riding, so we can pack up the car and take off down the coast.

This is where we’re staying.

I am now deep into those Game of Throne books, and I will

Crap! our internet died! My insightful analysis — gone!

They’re good though — I’ll have to recreate it later.



I see that it’s not just me — it’s everyone! Eeveryone is infected by the summer bug, and too busy to be posting much.

Anyway — I’m on my way out to the storage facility, and after that a million other things, and I’m actually going kayaking this weekend as a birthday treat for me and my friend A.

Just a lot going on — but it’s good.

Sorry —

Too busy. Driving M in mornings, spending afternoons out at storage facility. V. v. busy.

I am reading those Game of Thrones books. Has anyone else read them? They’re quite good, although I do get a bit tired of the 7 pages about one character and then 7 about another and in 50 pages we’ll get back to the first character format. That alwasy drives me crazy, and also drives me to read ahead and then forget what I am supposed to know at any given point, which is confusing.

M has been watching the HBO series, so we’ve been talking. Some things we’ve figured out:

    • It’s not enough to be good and well-intentioned. You also have to be smart, and you seem to become smart by undergoing some kind of adversity, like being a dwarf, or a bastard, or a tomboy.
    • It’s not enough to undergo adversity, though, if you are not a good person. You have to be both.
  • In transit

    As of this writing, N is on her way to St Petersburg. I am watching the little plane on the Lufthansa site move across eastern Europe. At this moment she’s near the border of the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. It feels like she’s been gone for a very long time. I have to admit I am jealous.

    But there are things going on around here, too. M is home from riding and barn work. We have plans to go see the Cave of Forgotten Dreams later this afternoon. I am about to return to my ambitious cleaning program — I’ve got the bed in the middle of the room and am doing some serious vacuuming and bedside table cleaning. And when that’s done, I’ve got some lettuce to plant.

    But maybe a little lunch first — it feels like I’ve been up for hours and I’m starving. Well, I guess I have.



    How appropriate! That’s M, who now lives in the Buckeye State, just there to the right of that beautiful California buckeye.

    I can’t say I am very well-rested. I took my cellphone to bed with me (leaving it on the bookcase, where it could not irradiate me) because it functions as my alarm clock, and I needed to wake up early to take M to the barn. It was lucky I did, because the phone rang at 12:30 and it was N, who was back in Budapest, about to set out for the embassy, and in need of funds. It took me quite a while to figure out what the hell she wanted, but she sounded good! I later learned via e-mail, when I woke up again at 5:30, that she has procured the visa (I don’t think it was easy) so she’s all set to fly to St Petersburg tomorrow.

    I’m on my second serious cup of coffee. It turns out that I don’t really function too well without sleep.

    Let’s see. This weekend M has riding, and then I think we’ll go for a hike. Plus there is gardening to be done. And then, preparations begin for the birthday fete. We’re going kayaking next weekend with my friend A, whose birthday is also in mid-June, M has promised to make me the best birthday cake in the world and, since my birthday is on a Monday (the Monday before the solstice, in fact), which is not the best day in the world for a party, I think I may make my friends come over, eat cake, and sit outside by a bonfire. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I think so.