Change of habit


On our walk last weekend I stopped to look at these flowers, which were growing out of a rocky spine that is apparently called the Chinese Wall.


These flowers, too. The orange ones are sticky monkey flower, and I don’t know what the reddish ones are.

Here’s a picture of the spine itself:


And here’s a picture of us eating lunch:


While I was climbing around taking pictures of the flowers I heard a startling rattle. I jumped and ran away, but it kept rattling for a long time, and even the people lunching heard it, and they were a ways away.

I think I caught sight of a piece of it as I was jumping away — I think I saw one fat green coil. But it’s all sort of pieced in my mind from later, because really, I heard the rattle and I was already gone.

The rest of the walk was uneventful, although we did see two guys on horseback, some cows, and inexplicably, several pudgy older men with their shirts off. It really was not that hot.

How stupid of me, though, to go climbing around in a rock wall without looking out for snakes. Luckily, they seem to look out for people.



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