How appropriate! That’s M, who now lives in the Buckeye State, just there to the right of that beautiful California buckeye.

I can’t say I am very well-rested. I took my cellphone to bed with me (leaving it on the bookcase, where it could not irradiate me) because it functions as my alarm clock, and I needed to wake up early to take M to the barn. It was lucky I did, because the phone rang at 12:30 and it was N, who was back in Budapest, about to set out for the embassy, and in need of funds. It took me quite a while to figure out what the hell she wanted, but she sounded good! I later learned via e-mail, when I woke up again at 5:30, that she has procured the visa (I don’t think it was easy) so she’s all set to fly to St Petersburg tomorrow.

I’m on my second serious cup of coffee. It turns out that I don’t really function too well without sleep.

Let’s see. This weekend M has riding, and then I think we’ll go for a hike. Plus there is gardening to be done. And then, preparations begin for the birthday fete. We’re going kayaking next weekend with my friend A, whose birthday is also in mid-June, M has promised to make me the best birthday cake in the world and, since my birthday is on a Monday (the Monday before the solstice, in fact), which is not the best day in the world for a party, I think I may make my friends come over, eat cake, and sit outside by a bonfire. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I think so.


4 thoughts on “Buckeye

  1. If Ron were there, he would make us all read A Midsummer Night’s Dream out loud. Because that’s his idea of what you should do on the solstice.

    Sometime you should show a closeup of a single buckeye leaf, so people will see why I thought Ohio was such a marijuana-friendly state when I first moved here.

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