This was an accidental picture, but I sort of like it.

This summer has involved a lot of driving around in cars. M and I are driving out and back to the country many days a week. I ought to be taking her out way more often to practice driving, too, but by the time I get home — late, due to the other driving — I’m starving and the last thing I feel like doing is going out driving.

But we must.

This feels like a summer of old, actually, when camp coverage would be spotty and work would involve more showing up to look like I was present in bteween retrieving and depositing children than actual productive work. Or there was probably productive work, but there is no time for chatting — except everyone feels like chatting because it’s summer, after all.

I’m trying to enjoy it for what it is — it’s actually nice to spend time in a car with M. Time in a car is always good for conversation. And it’s really great to have her around. It’s a more than fair trade-off for the fractured days and lack of exercise — because driving means I’m not walking.

And there’s always impatience for the time when camp is out and work if over and summer really starts. And that’s coming, too.

And soon enough we’ll be back to a quiet house.

But let us not think about that . . .

*And because I’m actually driving the car again, I took it to the CARWASH!. It’s beautiful now.


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