It feels like the 4th was the apex of summer, and now we’re on the swing down to fall. In 2 weeks I leave for Philadelphia for a conference. M will head to my mother’s. I’ll meet her there and then she’ll head off to further adventures with N. I’ll fly with my mother to visit my grandmother and then home, and then in a few more weeks the kids come home, we hustle M off to school and, a further few weeks later, we hustle N of for her senior year. It’s all passing much too quickly, and it suddenly feels like we have to pack a million things into the next two weeks.

I don’t really know what we’ve been doing since May, but I think it must have been pleasant.


5 thoughts on “Waves

  1. I feel the same way. By the 4th, the summer seems to be waning even though it’s really just begun. I wish it would last forever. I suppose that means I need to live somewhere semi-tropical. Sigh.

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