Leaving tonight for home.

Currently in the southwest. Hot here, but there’s a pool (although heated to 75 degrees, if not 80) and I’ve got a pair of goggles for the first time in years and I now remember how wonderful it is to go swimming. I can swim after work if I want! I have to find a pool at home with compatible hours. Outside. I think that’s essential.

N and M (have I told you this?) have met up and are now, I assume, at the farm, which is really a B and B, that they’ll be working at for two weeks. Feeling like I really have not taught them enough useful skills — N can make crepes. M can make brownies and chocolate chip cookies. N can make oatmeal. Can either make a salad? Hmmm. I hope they are actually slightly helpful. N can play poker, and M is good with horses . . .

I’m reading a good book. The Dower House, by Annabel Davis-Goff. It has sort of the feel of I capture the castle — girl living in impoverished grand house. But in Ireland. It’s very good so far.

It will be good to get home.

(Picture from Myles Standish Monument State Reserve. A hike with my brother, M, and nephews.)


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