Home again


I’m home again, but since I gave my camera to M I’m just going to keep posting pictures from before she left. So that’s her on my mother’s friends’ boat, which we had sailed across the bay to go swimming on a sand bar. It was a glorious day, and as my mother’s friend said, everyone who could be there was there. Fun.

But now I am home. I really ought to be spending the day getting ready for the week. At the very least I should vacuum and hit the grocery store. I certainly will. All I really want to do is lie on the couch, though.

Anyway . . .

I did unpack and start the laundry. That counts.


Arizona was incredibly hot, but my grandmother, who is about to turn 100, is in great shape and good spirits, and it’s fun to spend time with her. We took her out to see Midnight in Paris, which she liked okay. One funny thing is watching her, who always seemed very conservative politically, seem more and more moderate as she gets older — or perhaps it’s just that the country has moved so far to the right that she seems moderate in comparison.

Anyway, now I am back. Okay. I will vacuum, and then I will go for a swim.

Really, there’s at least another month of summer. Important to remember.


One thought on “Home again

  1. That’s a lovely photo of M.
    The staff of her college are done with summer, mostly. This is one of our busiest times of year. I almost have an office and have to get furniture moved into it this week so I can move all the work that is currently stuffed into various drawers and corners at home.

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