But cold here


I’m getting used to walking to work again. For some reason it’s much more tiring than going for a hike in the woods. Maybe it has to do with the destination.

Do you know what I am reading now? The Harry Potter books, but backwards from number seven. I’m on one now, and sad that they’re almost over.

Two things strike me. The first is that they actually are well-plotted as a series. In the first book Harry is wondering why Snape hates him so much — a question that isn’t answered until a later book. I’d always wondered about having Scabbers turn out to be Pettigrew, since Scabbers had a brief moment of bravery — when he bites Crabbe or Goyle, can’t remember which. Going backwards, though, it doesn’t seem so out of place. The second is the difference between the much longer later books and the earlier, shorter books — which feel just as rich. Is it just that there’s a lot more action packed in to the later books? It must be. The earlier books also have more of the tone of children’s books, too.

The question I have, and have always had, is what happened to Harry’s father’s family? Are there none of them around at all? That does not seem realistic. No uncles? distant cousins? We know that wizard families are all inter-related, so there must be a few relatives hanging around — We should at least be told what happened to them.

All right then.

(The picture, again, is from a much warmer day in Massachusetts.)


3 thoughts on “But cold here

  1. But Mrs. Dursley is his aunt. That’s why he was living with them. It’s Mr. Dursley that hates him. She is not magical but her sister, Harry’s mother, was. Perhaps that’s all the family there was. I have only one aunt and two cousins. Sisters, sure, but that’s it.

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