Home again


So — we’re home again, having flown to Pittsburgh, driven to Ohio, driven back to Pittsburgh and then flown home, all in the space of 4 days.

N stayed home, and friends flew in from the east to hang out with her — she’s off at the moment with one of them to go see the elk and the Pacific.

M is settled. She has a really nice room this year, and her classes seem good, assuming she can get the one she really really needs.

We saw K’s cousin A, who’s a graduate student at a nearby college. (He helped M compose an email to get into the class she really really needs, and then helped interpret the professor’s response.) We saw Jeanne and her family (now 3, rather than 4). We saw K’s brother’s family. K’s brother lives in a house on the edge of a park with a lovely living room with windows all around and lots of things to read — quite pleasant. K’s mother has settled in to her new arrangement — it’s a tiny apartment in an assisted living place. Parts of it she views as an affront– that they call her to ask why she didn’t come to lunch, that they supervise her medicines — but other parts are good — mainly that they feed her three times a day, I think.

Anyway, I’m home, now.

It’s odd. I’ve been so busy and now, with K at work, and N off at the beach, I’m at loose ends. There’s a boat I want to look at, but I have no car.

There’s plenty to do around here, of course.

It’s odd to be quiet.



3 thoughts on “Home again

    • Cousin A is genuinely sweet. He’s in the category of relatives who are in between the generations — he was the age our kids are now when he moved to California, and our kids were 10 years younger. His own brothers are in our generation, and thus he was used to hanging around with his not-so-much younger nieces and nephews. Our kids adored him. Now, of course, he’s a grown up. But still not quite. I like him, too. Jeanne — one of these trips we’re actually going to have time for a long visit —

      • A longer visit would be nice–K should come to the house and we should cook for you sometime–but ships that slow down in the night is nice, too. I get to see you more than most of my imaginary friends!

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