Pioneer weekend



No pictures of the end result — my 5 beautiful pint jars of canned applesauce. There was one jar that wasn’t full enough to can and K finished it yesterday for lunch. I really wanted applesauce for dinner, but realized that there was no way I was going to open one of the sealed jars ever.

We may never ever be able to eat them but need to save them just to look at.

Next step — cleaning out the pantry so they have a place to be lovingly displayed.


Indoor weekend

The weather turned. It was overcast and cooler, and it seemed to encourage an indoor weekend. Saturday I organized a massive quantity of statements (which could really all just as well be thrown away, but K won’t.) In any case, they are all organized and filed now, and that’s a lot less clutter. Sunday I picked more apples, removed the branches that had broken under the weight of the apples, made applesauce and canned it.

Having done it once I now understand the process, and it will be a lot easier next time. I also bought an apple peeler, which made everything a lot easier, and a food mill, which made the applesauce better.


But I am exhausted today.

I also cut back all the vines that have been strangling the clothes line and put the line itself back on the pulley wheel.

And I’m plotting a huge living-room furniture move . . .

It was a really productive weekend.

And next weekend we’re going to Maine. I can’t wait.

So it’s Friday

And a good thing it is — it seems like it’s been a very long week.

I made some applesauce yesterday, but I have to say that it was a lot of effort for not that much gain — our apples are small and wormy and very dry –I’m not sure what kind of apple they are, but it’s not the tastiest of apple. And did I mention that there are a lot of them?

I’m thinking — on the one hand it would be virtuous to make something out of nothing, as it were, and turn them all into applesauce and eat it all winter long. On the other hand, if I’m going to all that trouble would it make more sense to drive up to Sebastopol and get some apples that actually tasted good?

Also, I think I will plant some kale.

So, that’s the ag report. You’re welcome.

What do you know?

I scoured the internet and found new and different plantar fasciitis exercises and one of them seems to have worked!

It still hurts, but not as horribly.

It seems that you’re supposed to strengthen other muscles as well as stretch things out. I have been picking up tiny wooden acorns with my toes, for example.

And apparently stretch out all kinds of muscles, not just your calf muscles.

Actually, this all makes a lot of sense.

I am hopeful that I may actually be able to hike the Appalachian Trail after all.





The title is the hardest part

Today is the exciting sort of day where something scheduled is canceled, meaning you suddenly have a few more hours in the day. Even though the canceled thing would have been a fun thing, the sudden formlessness is kind of great.  Suddenly there is no great rush at all.


Maybe especially because this is a week of scheduled things — for instance, tomorrow I will spend the morning at home waiting for the counter-repair guy. Kind of looking forward to that, to tell the truth. Maybe I will clean the bathrooms while waiting — part of the whole “clean-ahead” thing.


Or, I could make applesauce.


I spoke with M yesterday. She has a sore throat. Apparently she spent the weekend at a place called Cedar Point, which is an amusement park in Sandusky Ohio, right on Lake Erie. K had heard of it, as he went to high school in Michigan. Apparently it is huge and has some famous rollercoaster or something. M wasn’t exactly clear. Here are the salient details:

  • It was a fundraiser for the equestrian team, which was cruelly and unfairly underfunded by the student body in charge of allocating club money.
  • They worked the midway. She now knows how to win the game where you have to knock all the blocks of a table or something. There’s a trick.
  • She also now knows how to work a credit card machine. This is a valuable life skill.
  • They slept in some scary dormitory.
  • She did not go on the famous fastest roller coaster in the world (thank god), but she did go on a sort of giant swing that let you see all over, including the lake.
  • The lake! It was confusing. It looked like the ocean, but the waves were wrong and it did not smell like the ocean. Also, as far as she knew Ohio was not on the ocean. Aha. It was Lake Erie. Remarkable!
  • She is now sick, and tragically behind with a still life which unfortunately has both reflective surfaces and a plastic bag in it.
  • I miss her, but she sounds good.


It’s hot outside!

And I went to San Francisco for lunch.

I bought a brie-and-jam sandwich and sat outside the ferry building with a friend.

We wanted to get on the ferry and go, but we did not.

Still, it was lovely.

Sunday chores

I am cleaning the house in preparation for a work event that will happen at my house on October 20th. I thought, and I’m convinced I’m right, that by starting to clean 5 weeks ahead it would not be so painful or overwhelming and also, I could actually do a better job instead of stuffing things into closets at the last moment and opening the door to guests in a state of sweaty frenzy. As is my usual practice.

And I think I am doing a better job, actually. So far I have cleaned my room (partly by relegating some things to Nora’s room, it is true) and I am cleaning out my closet, too, finding some old things that fit again and putting together some semblance of a wardrobe for fall. It actually feels great to do this before the weather turns. A large problem, though, is that Lucy is sleeping in one of my drawers. This means I can’t vacuum. She hates the vacuum cleaner, and she looks so peaceful I would hate to disturb her.

I would like to vacuum, though, because then I would be done with that room., and really the upstairs, except for the bathroom.

I am feeling closed in. I am feeling like I need to get out. I can’t walk because of my stupid foot, although it is getting better, but I feel stuck,  although I am getting things taken care of. I would like to clean out the basement as well. I would also like to go out on a bike ride. Even with my stupid foot I think I can do that. It’s plantar faschiitis. Or perhaps frostbite. At this point I think I might welcome amputation if it would mean I could go hiking again.

Part of the problem with the downstairs, which I have not got to yet,  is that the furniture is all wrong. I plan to deal with that once I get down here . . . perhaps by lighting a large bonfire.

Oh, and the other thing I need to do is to pick our apples.

So there you have it. The story of everything — or everything I know about. Hmmm. Reading back, I think I had better get outside before I become violent. I’ll go fill the tires right now.


Fine by me


I’m starving, and I think it’s because there were no blueberries to add to my cereal. Also, of course, this means I am lacking vital anti-oxidants.

I may not last til lunch.

I’m now on Pigeon Post, which is the 6th in the Amazons and Swallows series. These books are very entertaining. He somehow manages to change things just enough each book.

Now I have to go make hotel reservations for our upcoming trip to Maine. (We’re going to N’s last Parent’s Weekend.) I fear that I’ve left it so late we’ll end up camping on Kachenjunga. Fine by me.