Again, I ought to go for a hike, but find myself sitting on the couch.

I think I’m recovering.

We went to see The Debt last night, which we all agreed was stupid. I think it’s cheap to throw something like the holocaust or 9/11 into a movie as a quick way to making meaningfulness. I hate movies where everyone speaks in a phoney accent. The two men were sort of caricatures of spineless mopiness and pointless aggression, and why the girl should have had to choose either one made no sense. Given all that, however, Jessica Chastain was good, and it’s always nice to see Helen Mirren and I enjoyed trying to figure out who was a natve speaker of what language. I’m betting that the evil doctor was really German, because his German was fluent, and I think a lot of the minor characters — the station attendent, for example — were, too. In the Ukraine I think they were speaking Russian, and Helen Mirren’s Russian was excellent — I think she had a Russian grandfather or something.

All right. I am going to go to the store to get something for dinner, and then I think I’m going to tackle the linen closet.

There’s virtue for you —


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