I have reached the sad state where I look at parents of smaller children and envy them.

Which is crazy. But they are so cute!

And I’ve been feeling sad for all the times I was impatient with my mother. Which were many.

But, I am approaching the boat search with renewed vigor. I’m getting a sense for how much things should cost.

I considered joining a sailing club, but I think I don’t really like clubs. In fact, I know it.

Fall is coming, and that’s a good thing.


6 thoughts on “Maudlin

  1. I see the parents of small children and pity them. I could NEVER go back. Onward! Sure, easy to say with my filthy house full of Playmobil crap and noise. Also, I miss summer already and wish I could live where it’s always summer. Fall has a few things going for it but I can’t think of any right now while its dismal and rainy outside.

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