The title is the hardest part

Today is the exciting sort of day where something scheduled is canceled, meaning you suddenly have a few more hours in the day. Even though the canceled thing would have been a fun thing, the sudden formlessness is kind of great.  Suddenly there is no great rush at all.


Maybe especially because this is a week of scheduled things — for instance, tomorrow I will spend the morning at home waiting for the counter-repair guy. Kind of looking forward to that, to tell the truth. Maybe I will clean the bathrooms while waiting — part of the whole “clean-ahead” thing.


Or, I could make applesauce.


I spoke with M yesterday. She has a sore throat. Apparently she spent the weekend at a place called Cedar Point, which is an amusement park in Sandusky Ohio, right on Lake Erie. K had heard of it, as he went to high school in Michigan. Apparently it is huge and has some famous rollercoaster or something. M wasn’t exactly clear. Here are the salient details:

  • It was a fundraiser for the equestrian team, which was cruelly and unfairly underfunded by the student body in charge of allocating club money.
  • They worked the midway. She now knows how to win the game where you have to knock all the blocks of a table or something. There’s a trick.
  • She also now knows how to work a credit card machine. This is a valuable life skill.
  • They slept in some scary dormitory.
  • She did not go on the famous fastest roller coaster in the world (thank god), but she did go on a sort of giant swing that let you see all over, including the lake.
  • The lake! It was confusing. It looked like the ocean, but the waves were wrong and it did not smell like the ocean. Also, as far as she knew Ohio was not on the ocean. Aha. It was Lake Erie. Remarkable!
  • She is now sick, and tragically behind with a still life which unfortunately has both reflective surfaces and a plastic bag in it.
  • I miss her, but she sounds good.

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