Indoor weekend

The weather turned. It was overcast and cooler, and it seemed to encourage an indoor weekend. Saturday I organized a massive quantity of statements (which could really all just as well be thrown away, but K won’t.) In any case, they are all organized and filed now, and that’s a lot less clutter. Sunday I picked more apples, removed the branches that had broken under the weight of the apples, made applesauce and canned it.

Having done it once I now understand the process, and it will be a lot easier next time. I also bought an apple peeler, which made everything a lot easier, and a food mill, which made the applesauce better.


But I am exhausted today.

I also cut back all the vines that have been strangling the clothes line and put the line itself back on the pulley wheel.

And I’m plotting a huge living-room furniture move . . .

It was a really productive weekend.

And next weekend we’re going to Maine. I can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “Indoor weekend

  1. I was very indoor-productive too this weekend due to the weather. I was planning to make applesauce this year but the crows stole all the apples.

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