I’m in Ohio


Sure is pretty here. (I do not know that man. Sorry, man.)


I really do like trees.


M knows these horses. The one on the right looks like a stumpy little hobbit horse. I think (M thinks) it’s a halflinger.


Here’s the student at work.

I wasn’t sure I should come. There’s a book on Jeanne’s table (Jeanne has a lot of books — I’m sure this will surprise you) about how important it is to disentangle yourself from your college-aged child in this digital era when it is possible to text them 40 times a day. This sort of thing does lead one to wonder what the correct amount of connectedness is, and whether you should actually just leave your kids alone and not visit them for parents’ weekend, especially when it is a somewhat expensive plane ride away. This year, the answer seems to be that you should visit your child, that it will be comforting to see the parts of their lives that are working well and even a relief to know about the parts that are somewhat worrying. That, of course, is from the perspective of the parent. But I was able, for instance, to buy M a lamp which seems pretty useful, and take her out for dinner and even force her to eat some fruit at breakfast in the dining hall (which seems oddly organized, but not horrible) and even provide some librarianish assistance. I’m not sure what we provided N beyond conversation, and some water bills which might prove useful for one of her classes. Well, and meals. I wish, now that we had gone to visit her more often.


A million thanks to Jeanne and her family for letting me stay in their homey house.


3 thoughts on “I’m in Ohio

  1. Delighted you were here, and sorry to have missed you. Sabrina was evidently our ambassador of goodwill. And we’re delighted that you like our house and now we can call it the last homely house west of the mountains.
    That book, by the way, was recommended to us by the people at Grinnell. I’ve read the first couple of chapters so far.

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