If I’m very careful to leave the house before 8 and leave work no sooner that 5:30 and not really go outside in between, I can imagine that it’s fall here, because it does get cold over night.

Okay, I’m being crabby, but I’m actually happy that at least we have some indication of fall.

On the positive side, we can still dry clothes outside. (And the light is nice — October.)


And K and I went out for dinner (just blocks away from occupy Oakland).


Here’s poor, old, arthritic Jim.


I miss the kids — that’s what it is.


Oh well.


10 thoughts on “Fall

  1. What a beautiful house you have! Poor Jim. He looks like he’s trying to make himself comfortable amongst those shoes but just can’t quite do it.

    • Thank you! Poor Jim — I cleaned the house and removed from the floor in the living room a backpack that he had been sleeping on for weeks. I should put it back, or replace it with a heating pad. He would like that. Poor old guy.

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