Houseguests are coming to babysit the cats while we are away. This is no trivial matter, actually. Jim is diabetic. The aging cat — not always pleasant.

Well, ahem, so I’m cleaning the house again. I feel like I am always writing about cleaning the house, but it’s actually the fact that I’m not always cleaning the house that makes it noteworthy. However, because of these cleaning episodes that you may have read about in some detail, I am now down to fundamental elements, like moving all the sheets from lower shelves to higher ones, and putting sweaters on the lower ones. I am just at the point where I have to decide what to do with sweaters that I never wear, which is why I had to take a break to come down and write this.

Maybe . . . I should get rid of them!

It would certainly make the shelves more manageable.

Well, I’m thinking about it.

All right — I don’t actually have all that much time to get this done. I’ll report back as things process.

Have you heard what just happened at UC Davis? The one thing you may not know is that Davis is sort of the most mild-mannered of the campuses. It’s a very good school, but it was the old ag school and it’s full of mild-mannered bicycle riders, not the driven Berkeleyites or the stoner Santa Cruzers or the partying Santa Barbarans or the nerdy Irvinists and San Diegans or the ultra-cool Angelenos. They are kind of the last campus you would expect the get pepper-sprayed, and if you look at the video, it seems like they were just sort of sitting there peacefully and the police came up and sprayed them. And their chancellor seems to have reacted as ours did, by first denying that the police were out of line and then, after viewing the video, realizing that yes, indeed, they were. There is a lesson to be learned here — marshall your facts before making public statements.



8 thoughts on “Houseguests

    • I know, and I felt bad about it. I think Riverside is probably the most diverse, right? and Merced is just small — although not that small anymore — 5,000 students, I think. I forgot UCSF, too, but they’re just a med school.

      Catie!!! Have you been enjoying my pictures of beautiful California? I think of you when I post them —

  1. My uncle taught at UC Davis for a time. My aunt still lives in Woodland.

    If you send us all your wool sweaters, Dusty could felt them and make you a critter!

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