Cleaning report

Okay — our bedroom is done. I dusted the nightstands! Vacuumed under the bed! Cleaned all the dusty windowsills! (There are a lot — our room was a porch before it was a room and the whole western wall is nothing but windows. If they all opened I would be in heaven. Next home-improvement project.)

On to N’s room, which unbeknownst to her has become a box room, a lumber room, the room of spare things. It strikes me that the house guests may want to sleep there instead. So I will provide options, and also I have to get that crap out of there before N comes home anyway and also for some houseguests who are coming after New Years.

We had dinner last night with an old friend from college and his son, who is now a graduate student at our fair campus. See, I am figuring out how to have the best of both worlds — I have been east every month since July and yet, living here, I get great California hiking. I can live with this. (Seeing J and M almost counts as going east since they are from the east.) And, as it rains here, it snows in the Sierras, which means west coast skiing, too. So I’m about to go have a lovely cold bare-treed grey November Thanksgiving and will come home to lovely new Sierra snow. I guess I am thinking about this because M likes to hike, and I was telling him about the eastern Sierras. I think that may be my favorite place in the state, and I place I should try to see more of while we’re here.

This is okay!

All right — on to N’s room. Thank god it IS raining, otherwise I think I would need to go for a walk, and I don’t think I have time. Pooh.


One thought on “Cleaning report

  1. I sleep on what was once a sunporch. Two walls of windows – all of them open except one. It is lovely. I wish you open-able windows of your own.

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