I think that I shall never see . . .


Sorry. Horrible poem. And yet it has been stuck in my brain since first grade, so there you are. And trees are lovely, there is no question about that.

It’s chilly here, and I am wearing the sweater that I finished this weekend. In fact, I have worn it every day since I finished it, even though it’s technically not finished since I still haven’t put the buttons on. I think I love it — it has a quality of being really warm if it needs to be, but not too warm when it doesn’t. Maybe it’s magic.

A friend of mine just informed me that the Forestry dept is having its annual tree sale — do you think the girls would be terribly upset if I went and bought one today?

The C__ Forestry Club will be selling sustainably harvested Christmas Trees outside M___ Hall on the Campus during RRR week from 12/4 through 12/10, 8AM to 5PM rain or shine.Trees are $6 per foot, and are mostly white fir (although there are some incense cedar and red fir as well). If you would like a specific species or height, requests can be sent to xxxxx, along with any questions you may have.

Awfully tempting.

I do like putting dashes in the names of things — makes me feel like I am living in a Victorian novel.

Okay — terrible work things to do now. Blergh.


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