Outdoor livingroom


The kids are finishing up. I’ve got the tree up AND the lights up. Some cards are mailed. Some presents purchased. I guess there’s more I could do, but mostly it just seems like I’m waiting —

I sort of like this, though, because once it really starts it will be over much too soon.

I do have a few secret projects in mind.

It’s the time of year, though, where you sit in your office ostensibly working on some word thing, but in actual fact making lists.

So, making lists.

6 thoughts on “Outdoor livingroom

  1. It is indeed that time of year. I went as far as putting up a wreath on the front door (i.e., asking one of my friends to do it), and got stuck there. Maybe I should make a list so I know what to do next.

  2. I like that picture. Is that house blue or is it under construction? It kind of looks like it’s wrapped in foam insulation panels or something. Or, maybe I need a new glasses Rx.

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