What a great weekend.

I went for a walk on Saturday with K just in time to catch the sunset from the top of the hill with a view of the whole bay spread out before us. We drove home, changed, and drove out to the airport to pick up N and M! Who are now home!

Saturday I left early to go for another walk with A and A, returning shortly after the girls woke up. I think we did nothing, really, other than eat the chicken stew that was in the fridge and watch two different versions of the nutcracker and sort of watch Dune, which was at the same time awful and wonderful. I brought the ornaments for the tree down from the attic, but they are still sitting in boxes in the living room. We’d really better decorate the tree soon or it will be entirely too late.

Anyway, I’m at work now — we just had our party — but I can’t stand it. I’m going home.


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