I’m sitting down now

Today is that lovely day, the day after Christmas. Well, the day after the day after, because yesterday we went out (!) and bought iphones (!! — except for M. Contract.) and then ate lunch and then got dressed and went to the City to see the Nutcracker which was wonderful (!!!).

So today is the lovely day with nothing to do but look at your presents and think about cleaning up and going for a walk but for just a little while at least to sit on the couch and think it all over.

I think this was the first Christmas in the history of time that I was actually ready for. I guess I had more time while the kids were at school to get stuff done, and I tried to have reasonable expectations — I think that helped. But we had a party on the 22nd and since the house was pretty much clean and decorated all we had to do was cook. It was the most successful party I’ve ever given, if by successful you mean “a party that I actually had fun at, too.” We had latkes brisket and glogg, and the people I invited (this was key) all enthusiastically helped to make the latkes, and even though the whole house was decorated and lit up (solstice) everyone wanted to stay in the kitchen the whole time until later, when a few stragglers (N’s friends E and E, M, I and N’s friend E’s mother B) sat on the comfy chairs to play taboo — which appears to be this year’s game in the way that clue was once, and balderdash was another year.

So that was great, and then Christmas was great — this is the year that the girls got better presents for us than we got for them. They got me a knife block! and a thousand other things. My brother and his current boyfriend came for dinner. I cooked duck and it was actually a) delicious and b) not actually a huge amount of work. So that was good. They stayed until 10, we had fun, and we ended the evening with Taboo again.

And the Nutcracker — it was amazing. We normally go to some local version, but this was at the Opera House. We all got dressed up and drove in, picked up the tickets and had dinner nearby at the Opera House Cafe which was perfect — it reminded me in a small way of New York. It was so much fun, and the performance was great. The scene opens on a SF street, which was charming. We actually had great seats. They were the cheapest, way up in the highest balcony, which meant you could look down over the whole stage. The dancing was clean and sharp and amazing and — very important — no dances were left out!

So — there is the wrap-up. N spent the night in the city at a friend’s house. I am thinking how great it would be if she came back and lived in the city. It seems that she does have friends there, although her college is so far away. M is still asleep. I am about to get dressed and tackle the kitchen, which appears to be coated in a layer of grime, and then think about a walk. The girls are here for another week before they begin the adventure of driving N’s car from Pittsburgh to Lewiston. Movies, I am hoping, and walks, and perhaps shopping for underwear and new boots. No snow, so no skiing. But that’s okay.

What’s everyone else up to?


4 thoughts on “I’m sitting down now

  1. That sounds wonderful. We had a pretty nice Xmas. The girls have been getting along and everyone got what they wanted even though there was much less under the tree than in past years. The big gift: guinea pigs. And Dusty got her ipod touch (that she earned with sewing money). Everyone’s happy. There’s still lots of food in the house. It’s pouring rain right now but I’m liking these ages they are now.

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