It’s a new year —

I’m cleaning up, with occasional breaks to do something more entertaining.

I’m cleaning N’s room first, since we’re having houseguests, and that’s where they’ll be staying.

I realize that she has about 80,000 pairs of socks. I also realize that some of them date from middle school. I wonder if I shouldn’t just throw those away.

I’m looking forward to these houseguests — the house has become rather still the past few days. I don’t mind having it livelier again.

All right. Back to the task at hand.


Oh! We went to see My Week with Marilyn last night. It was good — Michelle Phillips was fabulous. And it is an English film, so it had the usual cast of characters — Foyle, from Foyle’s War was in it, as was the butler from Downton Abbey, and Hermione Granger. The director, too, I think might be married to Cora from Downton Abbey. There’s something nice about this — I feel very fond of these people and I like it when the main character walks into a pub, or by the costume department, and runs into someone I know.


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