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Phew. Saturday we went for a bike ride along the bay. It is hard to describe what a beautiful day it was.


There is that bridge, and can you see the spinnakers on the little sailboats?

Saturday we went to our neighbors for dinner where we stayed until 2. I have not been up til 2 for quite some time.

But Sunday we were up bright and early (well, early anyway) for a hike.




But now I am really ready for a nap.



3 thoughts on “Business index

      • Well, here’s this:

        But it’s just a big balloony sail you use when you’re sailing with the wind coming from behind you — it catches a lot of wind and makes you go faster.

        They’re usually brightly colored, so in sailboat races they look pretty, because you’ll have a whole line of the same kind of boat flying their colorful spinnakers as they sail to the finish. I do think the downwind leg is usually the finish of the race — maybe because of the nuisance of rolling the spinnaker up again.

        Violet will know this!

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