Trying to upload pictures, but it won’t work.

The weekend was just not quite long enough. There is gardening and cleaning and reading to do and I just didn’t quite get to any of it.

I did, on the other hand, go for a walk and eat out and see friends and get some laundry done — so not a complete disaster.

Just not quite long enough.


Two things of note — I did go to the grocery store. I hope never to have to go again. Unfortunately, it is only when you go to the grocery store that you actually have things to eat in the house. I can’t solve this paradox. And I interviewed kids applying to my old school. I think it’s okay to mention this. I was not looking forward to it at all, but then it was actually fun. I veered from the normal questions and just asked them what they were interested in, and suddenly they became interesting. Eighteen-year-olds are actually really fun — they are just starting to become aware of all the stuff there is in the world to think about. I had a good time. Plus, I got to drink two chai lattes, since you now have to interview kids in a public spot, which means a cafe, which means you really have to order something since you’re sitting there for an hour monopolizing a table. I have to say I kind of terror-inspiring aspect of interviewing kids in my house (terrifying for them, not me, I mean). It was certainly terrifying for me as a kid to have to go visit those aged alums in their terrifying houses. But I don’t miss having to clean the house up to an adequately terrifying degree.


The pictures loaded! I give you a) the spot where the bobcat was. For all I know, he is still there, hiding in the grass; b) the Pacific; c) rocks of some geologic interest. Sedimentary rocks, right? that have been deformed.


5 thoughts on “Hmph

  1. looking very much like Claremont chert/Claremont shale… nice deformation! more at:

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