Christmas — the remnants


Did I ever show you what we did for Christmas presents? Now is a good time to show them, because I just gave the last of them away as Valentine’s Day gifts. I like Valentine’s Day. I like red and pink. I like chocolate. And I like that it comes a few months after Christmas and can provide an excuse for late present-giving.

That last sentence would have been the perfect opportunity to use the word “gifting.” Does anyone else find that word inexplicable? I guess it would work in that sentence above, but is it really necessary?

I’m done with my college interviewing. One of them asked my why I do it. She was the one who reminded me the most of my most incoherent interview when I was an applicant. At 18 it was easy to be overawed and struck dumb. I was pretty shy. Maybe I do it because I’m trying to erase that memory by taking the other part, or maybe I’m doing it because, having been that person and seeing my kids go through it, too, I can be sympathetic, although I am kind of losing my perspective on how hard it was for my kids. I wonder — didn’t you think to look at the website? When that’s not necessarily something a kid might think of doing. Partly I’m doing it because I enjoy talking to 18 year olds, and I think I’m actually good at it — I’m not too terrifying, I think, and I’m great at finding follow-up information on just about any topic. I’m a librarian, too, after all, although it’s not actually very difficult.

The kids this year were an interesting mix — the excellent student who hasn’t yet turned her ability for critical thought beyond what she’s been studying, but who will; the interesting boy who has; the kid who’s questioning everything, including what the point of this interview is, but who is the only one driven to the interview by both parents.

I liked them all.

And they reminded me how much kids grow up between 18 and 22. My kids are already so much older and wiser than those kids. That’s a revelation, too.


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