Selected shorts


We went to see the Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts last night. They weren’t fantastic, but they were good. Here’s a brief description of a few of them. I think my favorite was Wild Life, a film about a hapless immigrant from England to the wilds of Alberta in the early 1900s. I didn’t like the story so much as the way the images looked like they were painted. I loved the way the velvet of the seat looked as the train jolted against Canada, and the way black-shod feet crunched against the snow in the winter. You could really feel it. And I liked A Morning Stroll, which tells the same story in three separate times — it’s like a joke, maybe, or a set of variations. Anyway, I’m glad I went.

And the house guests — it seems they may have found a job and even an apartment. I think they are eager to get on with their lives, but it’s been very fun having them around. If I am lucky, though, they might live nearby — which means we will continue to have people to coax us out to the movies on a Tuesday night. Excellent.

It’s been great to have someone to cook with, too. I’m afraid when they move out we’ll probably go back to our bad habits — like eating bowls of cereal in front of the television. That is fun once in a while, but it’s really better not to.

All right — that’s all I’ve got for a Wednesday.


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