Biscuit tin

The houseguests brought us the most wonderful biscuit tin. I love it beyond all measure.

It’s a little hard to photograph. It’s shiny, for one, and so is the counter.

But hopefully you can see that it’s all about fanciful means of transportation.

Anyway, the biscuits are all long gone, but now we put cookies in it.

I believe I mentioned that the houseguests will be leaving us soon, and how sad that will be. It has been great to have an extra two people to pal around with at the end of the day. I think it will feel very lonely without them, although luckily we’ll have new houseguests arriving for the weekend that the first ones leave, and then M will be home for a few weeks. We’re planning our own fantastic journey to Death Valley. I could go visit my mother, who’s in Arizona, or even N, in Maine. I would love to go see her there while I still can. So it’s all okay — all things must pass.

Biscuits are replaced by cookies but the tin remains.

That’s your thought for the day. No need to thank me.


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