My commute


It’s been a productive day, but now I’m eager to get out of here and make my way home.


It’s nice to be able to walk around naked in the mornings (just to the bathroom and back), but I do miss the houseguests in the evenings.


K is often not home until the last possible moment. It was nice to have someone to cook with, or to have an opinion about what we should have for dinner, or even, often, to cook the whole thing. I do not mind doing dishes at all.


One thing I do like about where I live is the little glimpses of the bay or the mountains you get all of a sudden, between houses or down streets. Looking out the front windows this morning I thought, if only it snowed here, I think I could be happy.

I love the way snow falls over a landscape, transforming everything, covering dead gardens and ugliness with white.

Okay — half an hour and I’m out of here.

Also, this Saturday N will play her last game of collegiate hockey. Here is a link to her team, albeit from the year before she was there:


6 thoughts on “My commute

  1. It’s not just about what snow covers that makes me love it. It’s the way it changes the sound, the smells, the light. I would miss that a lot, but a view of the sea might be worth it.

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